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 we are RUVIA company

a full-service video production company, run by new generations of film professionals whose exclusive focus is film and TV commercial production. 
Our high professional standards and a thorough understanding of the region’s specifics allow for a smooth and seamless production experience so that your exclusive focus can remain to nail the big picture.

We’re proud of all we’ve achieved but can’t show it all, so here’s just a taster



Synopsis: An old man and his wife live in a remote village. One day, the woman who has never seen an affectionate smile or any attention from her husband, falls ill. Her husband has only one means of transport, which is a motorbike he uses to transport sheep into the city and sell them to the butchers. For the first time, he is obligated to drive his own wife to the hospital on his motorbike.  Since it is her first time, she rides onto the motorbike with a shy and embarrassed feeling. She is afraid and doesn’t know how to position herself. As they’re about to drive off to the hospital, she hears her husband say: “Sit tight, hold on, and  “hug me”. She hears these words from her husband for the first time, so she embraces him with a timid bashfulness. They start to make way, and this woman’s overjoyed from hearing this simple line. Tears run down her cheeks. Halfway there, she asks her husband to go back home. The man says: “We’re close. Why should we head back?”. “I got better. Let’s go home”, she says. The man is compelled to go back home.  He never knew that this simple line, “hug me”, had created so much security and joy in his wife’s mind. In fact, this sense of calmness cured her sickness and compelled her to go home in the middle of the road. cast : Prwin Rajabi & Slih Bary Directed By: SINA MOHAMMED Produced By: VIM Foundation & RUVIA Film Production Director of Photography : Xaibar Rafiq & Sina Krmanizadah Production Desiger : Barham Taib Editor: Halgurd M.Tahir Color Grading: Bawar A.Muhamad Music Composer: Karzan Mahmood Sound: Karin Sherzad & Diyari Salah First Assistant Director: Shwan Hamasaed Screenplay: Sina Mohammed & Tara Qadir Production Manager: Mala Najm Assistant Production Manager: Paiman Shamsadin Location Manager: Shamal Hisamadin Photographer: Bawar A.Muhammed Wordrobe& Makeup: Renas Salih Gapheer: Hardi Swara & Dlawer Nuri Focus Puller: Rasan Jalal Camera Assistant: Loran Serzad & Zewar Rozh & Camo Shano Art Director Assistant: Dyako Makok Visual Effects: Haval Mazn Catering: Omed Raza Technical: Hasan Ahmed & Ali Fazil Poster Graphics: Nahro Qader
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