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About Us

Our story :

Our story :

After years of seeing the inner workings of the advertising industry and questioning why should everything take so long! Why the production budgets are so high, where you can do it simply! Why 20 people are in this meeting?

We all shared the same frustrations and disorders. We realized; among us, we share the skills that can do better.

So, we stripped out all the nonsense, simplified the process, and made it cost-effective and time-effective.

Our ambition :

We want to give scale-up brands the chance to grow fast and punch above their weight without months and months of meetings and overly inflated costs


who we are:

We’re talented as individuals, but together we have superpowers. Our award-winning team has worked at the intersection of tech, creativity, film, and production for all video tape.

Though our backgrounds and experiences vary wildly, we share a passion for creating the extraordinary, a commitment to diversity,  and a drive to solve the toughest challenges.


What we do


- Is voice over

- sound mixing,

- on set sound recording.


Video Production

It is what brings meaning to brand meaning

- Ideas

- Copywriting

- Art Direction

- Film 

- Tv Commercial

- Documentary

- Video Profile

are types of video production.


Working with Ruvia

This is not your usual creative agency relationship.

We build a process and a team of creative, and production talent around you and your specific needs.

Meaning you get more of what you need and less of what you don’t.

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